How to Log Into Schoology

With all our students using the LAUSD Enterprise Verision of Schoology,
there is a special sign-in method for all users.

To sign in, you may use the link located at the quick menu sidebar of the Virgil home page marks “LMS”, which stands for Learning Management System. Schoology is a Learning Management System. You can also click on the “Schoology” link.

You can also type in the URL directly:

The link will take you to the blue LAUSD SSO Gateway…

Type in your full e-mail address and your password.
You will then reach your Schoology page with the LAUSD logo and orange bar.

If you do not see the orange bar, you are not in the LAUSD Enterprise Version of Schoology.

If you try to sign in on,
you must click on the SSO Login on the lower right of the sign-in box.

Then, you need to find the correct “Virgil MS”

It will then lead you to the blue LAUSD SSO Gateway screen…

If you need to reset your password in Schoology,
you will not be able to change it in Schoology.

You must go to: