School For Advanced Studies (SAS)

College Courses Information Click Here Read here the description and name of the classes that is the same in high school.

Students and Parents the 2018-19 SAS Application is here.
The new application includes your current grade in Math and Language Arts.  If you have any questions about the application please see Mr. Sanchez or Mr. Ramirez in the counseling office.


Students interested in going to a Community College to get high school and college credit.  Click Here to download the information regarding concurrent enrollment.

Ask your counselors and coordinators for the application.GIFTED OR HIGH-ACHIEVING STUDENTS the applications for School for Advanced Studies Schools are now available. Click on the link provided for you on the right side window pane.  Spaces are limited.

Remember you do not have to live within the area in order to attend a School for Advanced Studies School.

Do the best you can whenever you can!
You have a gift use it!
Virgil’s Gifted Students have the highest percentage of students who Met or Exceed the SBAC Assessment for the past 3 year for English and Math compared to the surrounding middle schools.